BIOM3CH implements the Functional Patterns Training system as a health and movement studio on the Central Coast NSW, for those who seek a holistic approach to their health and lifestyle.  BIOM3CH is designed to take you from a state of deficiency to efficiency, through processes that look at the big picture. 


Quality of life is dependent on the quality of our physical movement, our nutrition, our rest and our relationships.  These are the major keys that enable us to unlock the gateways to our goals and dreams.  Our practitioners work together, each within specific areas of health and wellbeing, to identify
and address the root causes of your health concerns.


BIOM3CH was established with the intention of bringing deeper focus to total health on a macro scale;  the big picture.  We have created a space that is enriched with dedicated and motivated practitioners who want to see the health of our community improve,
one person at a time. 




danny hewling

Danny at the BIOM3CH studio,  With over 8 years experience and over 5 years as a Functional Patterns Practitioner (HBS1)  Danny's approach embraces a holistic view; the overarching factors of lifestyle and it’s relationship to primal movement (the patterns needed throughout life). Delivering an approach to training to help people RE-generate for a lifetime. 


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" In the short time I've spent training with Danny I've seen a huge improvement in my core & general strength, flexibility and overall fitness. I've always suffered with lower back problems and with work I stand for 8-12 hours a day so to be able to do dynamic and functional exercises without having any back pain is a huge achievement for me!

I've worked with quite a few personal trainers and spent hours in the gym every week. But I never thought I could feel this good and make such advances in my training. Danny is a wealth of knowledge and has a sound holistic approach to training which I think a lot of PTs lack. Cannot say enough good things about him and highly recommend his services! " 

- Bec Jones

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