Danny is a rejuvenation, renewal and transformation professional with an all encompassing approach that requires a personalised health, movement
and fitness studio to support it.

As a new FULL TIME client, you will undergo a detailed individual process of assessment to identify your state of mobility, flexibility, and the effects of any physical, mental & emotional restrictions. The past and current influences of diet, life responses and a host of other individual issues contribute to a real-world overview of a your situation.

From this comprehensive and personalised assessment, Danny will design an “individual specific” program to correct, enhance, improve, and strengthen your body. This is the best way, for you to achieve efficient, lasting outcomes. We can discover the core reasons and your WHY, that restricts your ability to function at an optimum level. We will then work together 1on1 ongoing to overcome the physiological, emotional and other influences hindering your performance and lifestyle.

If a Full time option is not viable for you currently,  below has a breakdown of alternative
options and packages to begin your process towards optimal health. 

Full time client
(best value

Part time Client

An option for the time poor client. 
Most commonly a "Correct as we go" process. Here we focus in much more on detail with specific issues or corrections.

While the learning path of real functional training is less with this option (Due to less frequency of sessions) We prioritise specific problem solving of the body, movement and lifestyle.


1) 1:1 Sessions
1 X Monthly (minimum)

(no fixed time period)
$120 p/hr

Client dependant
All sessions can include

* Corrective Exercise

* NeuroKinetic Therapy

* Holistic Lifestyle coaching

* Video Assisted programming



An option for one off sessions with no fixed session frequencies. 

Intensives are great for when you want to take a deep dive into addressing specific body/movement issues, honing in on specific training areas or covering behaviours that can optimise your lifestyle and health. 

Fantastic for long distance clients or clients seeking a certain number of sessions.

1)  1:1 Sessions
(no minimum)



Spend one day to receive a complete personalised program that can address: 

* your body's current postural state and any muscle imbalances

exercises to progress and develop core
and total body strength with movements at your current capability level

* Fine tuning of lifestyle habits to Aid the big picture of your health


*Initial whole body assessment 

* Personalised  body/posture/training & lifestyle program design
(1.5hours lunch break)

* learn your program

* 2 weeks online support



Please contact us for enquiries and consults

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