In the short time I've spent training with Danny I've seen a huge improvement in my core & general strength, flexibility and overall fitness.

I've always suffered with lower back problems and with work I stand for 8-12 hours a day so to be able to do dynamic, demanding and functional exercises without having any back pain is a huge achievement for me! I've worked with quite a few personal trainers and spent hours in the gym every week.

But I never thought I could feel this good and make such advances in my training. Danny is a wealth of knowledge and has a sound holistic approach to training which I think a lot of PTs lack. Cannot say enough good things about him and highly recommend his services!

- Bec Jones

I cannot thank Danny enough.....With limited time I came to Danny for help with Isobel's sports injuries which had sidelined her for 4 months. From the assessment, Danny was able to correctly identify and provide a program for recovery of the injuries and also address the actual movement and postural issues that created the problems.

Danny was incredibly supportive, and had great communications throughout the 10 week treatment with Isobel. By following his detailed program recommended schedule, we achieved the ultimate result, Isobel was fit and well enough to play every game at the 2016 International Youth Netball Tournament held in Orlando, USA in October.

We thought the ultimate reward was playing but being able to experience being part of the team winning this championship was beyond our dreams!

- Lisa Walshaw (mother)

"Danny helped me achieved my goals but I did have to stick by what he asked me to do. I think he was really good!" - Isobel Walshaw


After years of injury throughout playing various sports to the point where I was unable to run without or even get through a day of work without pain.

I have worked closely with Danny going back to basics rebuilding my postural alignment and base core movements. Using his knowledge of NKT, we were able to address any issues throughout the stages of training and with some advanced and detailed programming, we were able to get my body back to the point, where now after 3 years I am able to not only run, play rugby league again, but go through day to day tasks comfortably without any pain.

I highly recommend getting in touch with Danny if you are having any troubles with pain or to even reclaim your movement!

- Dane Vawdon (Kincumber Colts)

I highly recommend Danny for his overall ridiculous amount of knowledge. Especially if you have any physical issues with your body. I have had so many problems with my body from old injuries and working in an office. I have been to countless physio, massage, chiro etc. which never got down to actually fixing what was wrong just a bit of temporary relief.

I decided I needed to find a personal trainer who can actually find out what all of my problems where and then how to fix them. I wasn't able to train properly anymore and was going around in circles with little to no improvement. His specific testing can show you exactly what is going on with your body.

With him teaching me the basics/ how important form is etc I now know how to train correctly and without worsening the problems I had. The results are insane! I now realise how naive i was training and the majority of most gyms these days. I truly believe every typical personal trainer should be learning off Danny.

- Rhiannon Lee

I highly recommend Danny.

His work with Neuro-Kinetic Therapy and how he incorporates it into movement and training is amazing.

After a couple of years of powerlifting, my body had a few issues I just couldn't get to the bottom of. To have someone through specific testing tell you exactly what's going on in your body is incredible.

After working on things with Danny, I'm now well on my way to getting  back to the sport I love.

- Joanna Taunton (Powerlifter & Personal trainer TNT training)

Danny is one of a kind, from the professional to the individual, in fact there is no duality in his character. Rarely have I had the pleasure to meet a passionate, inquisitive and ambitious individual, pulling all the stops to be better.

His appreciation of the human body and true potential resonates in his work, he believes that a healthy body is a transparent spirit first and foremost, accepting its limitations as untapped potential, that is the way he approaches any challenge bringing amazing results to reality.

It has been a pleasure to share my passion and impressions of the human body, as we exchange ideas and philosophies to progress within the spectrum of our common knowledge; that we are not solely flesh and bone but hopes and dreams, and health blossoms when both co-regulate.

- Corey Iskenderian: PhT, NKT, PDTR Musculoskeletal Consultant

When I first came to Danny to sort out my back pain I expected a few exercises, a quick fix. What I found was a dedicated caring professional who did his best to reverse a lifetime of bad habits and succeeded in making me realise there was a better life to be had with small changes.

To say thank you seems inadequate when you have steered me, albeit sometimes not quite willingly on my part, towards better health and I will continue to think of your commitment to a more natural lifestyle as I continue along the way.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavours; I know you will continue learning to assist those looking to get their lives back on track.

- Ann Rowbotham

I met Danny when I was suffering severe pain from 3 bulging discs in my lower back.
Danny was recommended to me by my neuromuscular masseuse.

By the time of my first session my pain was at about 5 out of 10, but my fitness / core strength was a big fat 0!! I explained to Danny that I was working towards joining the Police Force and I needed to get fit to pass my physical entrance tests. The first session I had with Danny I was able to do 4 push ups, 5 on the beep test and couldn't hold a plank for more than 20sec.


Danny, rather than just pushing me to train hard, he taught me to train smarter. Because I hurt my back due to a weak core, Danny focused on my core, with a split between strength and balance. This was different from previous personal trainers where I just felt like I didn't have to tools to succeed. I would train with previous personal trainers and all I would feel is pain. But as I believed "no pain... no gain". I later learned this is not the case.


Danny, gave me the tools to do any exercise. His understanding of how the body works and how it's connected helped me to achieve a 'fitness foundation'. Because of the work Danny put into me, I'm not only pain free but I passed my physical tests to join the Police Force.


In a few short months, Danny helped me to go from 4 push ups, 5 on the beep test, 20 sec plank. To 25 push ups, 9 on the beep test and a 2 min plank.


Danny gave me to tools to succeed, and with hard work I got my dream job.

Thank you Danny.

- Rob (anonymous)


Before I went to see Danny I thought I was doing alright with my weights & general training but in the short time I have spent with Danny he's shown me that I have a lot to learn - which is definitely a good thing!

Whether it be talking about technique, form and stability with weights and movement, to stretching & mobility and even to nutrition and lifestyle modifications, Danny is a wealth of great information & encouragement. I have seen great improvement in all aspects of my fitness thanks to Danny's advise. Not only that but he has put me through some mean workouts as well! Can't recommend Danny highly enough!

- Chris Allison (Professional Musician) 

Danny took my idea of exercise to a whole new level. Masterfully individualised program precisely targeting my imbalances found in his screening.

Being an Osteopath and Yoga Teacher of 28 years, I can totally recommend Danny's skill level. I couldn't wait to start practicing these new whole body exercises. Thank you Danny for a real education.

- Gerry Rosanove ( Osteopath, Chiropractor)

I met Danny at a course we were studying together, I remembered physical issues I had within my self and the knowledge that this guy had and the results I got after he guided me , and worked on me with NKT was profound. 27 years of jaw pain relieved, of course there was a bit of homework I had to do afterward.

I would like to recommend him to everyone I know who is suffering from any sorts of ailment. Thanks Danny, stay epic.

- Nala Jitdamrong (holistic lifestyle coach)